Human Boiled Egg Peter Dutton Is Suddenly Worried About “Segregating” The Unvaccinated

Dutton famously denied the refugee visas of the Biloela family.

peter dutton segregation

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Defence Minister Peter Dutton has defended Scott Morrison’s comments on vaccine mandates, warning that states shouldn’t “segregate” the unvaccinated.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison urged state and territory leaders to ease restrictions and let Australians “have their lives back”, asserting that unvaccinated people should be able to “go get a coffee” — regardless of vaccination status.

Following these comments, Peter Dutton defended the PM on The Today Show on Friday morning, warning that segregation is not the answer.

“I just think you cannot segregate a part of the community, even if you disagree with the decision they’ve made … we are moving into a phase now where we have to live with this,” Dutton said, asserting that Morrison’s comments are “perfectly reasonable”.

“The Prime Minister has stated a perfectly reasonable position. You cannot segregate even a small part of Australian society and we want people to get vaccinated.”

It goes without saying that we shouldn’t be throwing around the term “segregation” lightly, considering all of the very real and devastating examples of this we’ve seen throughout history. But it’s also worth noting how particularly rich these comments are coming from Peter Dutton — the former Home Affairs Minister who famously said that showing compassion to the Biloela family (who have two children who were born in Australia) would send a “bad message.”

Until the recent Cabinet reshuffle, Dutton had the power to grant the Murugappan family a visa to continue living in the town of Biloela — where they were active and valued members of the community. But instead, he argued that they are not “owed protection” and should be deported.

“It’s been a frustrating case because every court, every tribunal, every decision-maker has been very clear to this family that they are not refugees,” Dutton said at the time. “This family has not ever been found to be owed protection.”

It is laughable to see Dutton honestly claim that you shouldn’t “segregate part of the community, even if you disagree with the decision they’ve made” while showing precisely zero remorse for doing that to a family whose decision was to escape a situation so dire they were willing to risk their lives, not to reject a potentially life-saving vaccine.

Thankfully, The Today Show followed Dutton’s comments with an interview with Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, who was quick to slam the Prime Minister’s comments.

“It’s not a matter of having a dig at state governments. You are having a dig at hard-working people who have got vaccinated,” said Andrews. “We have had to do lockdowns, as the Prime Minister said we had to be in people’s lives because there were no vaccines. And who forgot to order the vaccines?”