People Are Already Protesting Peter Dutton And He Isn’t Even PM Yet

Someone smashed his office windows overnight.

peter dutton vandalism office smashed

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Peter Dutton isn’t even Prime Minister yet, but already the Australian people are making it pretty clear that they’re really, really not keen on him. So far this morning, his office windows have been smashed, the words “deport Dutton” have been graffitied on pavement in his electorate, and there’s a protest against him scheduled for this morning in Canberra.

The windows of Dutton’s electorate office in Brisbane were smashed some time overnight, reportedly by someone throwing pavers through the reinforced glass. Nearby footpaths were also spray-painted with anti-Dutton phrases, including “deport Dutton”, a reference to Dutton’s time overseeing the deportation and detention of people seeking asylum in this country.

Meanwhile in Canberra, the organisers of Womens March Canberra are putting together a snap protest against Dutton’s impending Prime Ministership in a last-minute bid to persuade Liberals not to vote for him. The protest is scheduled for 11:30am today on the lawns of Parliament House, and organisers say that already almost a thousand people have registered their interest on Facebook.

“We will not sit idly by and watch the rule of law and human rights be thrown out the window,” Caitlin Figueiredo, Women’s March Canberra Co-Chair said. “In times of uncertainty, It’s crucial that we come together and create a new vision for our nation. We must reject the politics of fear and division in all its forms.”

Another young activist, Tanvi, helpfully summed up the problems with Dutton, in case you’ve forgotten. “Peter Dutton, a man who boycotted the apology to the Stolen Generation. A man who refused a sick asylum seeker child from receiving medical attention. A man voted as the worse Health Minister. A man who engages in fear mongering at the thought of refugees.”

“This is a man who is not Prime Minister material and should not be allowed to represent the Australian people.”

If you’re interested in joining the protest, you can find the event on Facebook here.