The Only Thing Worse Than Watching Peter Dutton Eat A Pluto Pup Is Him Talking About It

"Chewing from the side was definitely not an option.”

peter dutton

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Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has given a painfully in-depth explanation on his decision to deep throat a pluto pup at the Ekka agricultural show on Wednesday, information that I was perfectly fine living without.

As we know all too well at this point, politicians are a bunch of aliens from Mars that may appear like normal members of society — until they try to eat food. We’ve had Tony Abbott eating an onion like an apple, Bill Shorten committing treason by disrespecting a democracy sausage, and now we’ve got Peter Dutton eating a pluto pup. To be quite honest, we’ve seen enough.

But in addition to the image that will now live rent-free in our brains until we leave this mortal world, Dutton has now given us a play-by-play of his reasoning behind it.

In an interview with 2Day FM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin, Dutton claimed his friends roasted him for the move. “Most of my mates actually were pretty rapid-fire texting me like, ‘WTF’, but anyway, what do you do?” he said.

In defence of the, frankly, awful photo, Dutton stressed that there’s no good angle to eat a pluto pup from.

“With the cameras there, I mean you can’t eat it from the side because the sauce drips off and you do a Bill Shorten … so it leaves one angle and it’s not a great one,” said Dutton.

“There is no good angle, so you just accept your fate, right?” he pondered.“But chewing from the side was definitely not an option.”

Dutton follows in the footsteps of Jacqui Lambie, who also got papped eating a pluto pup in 2019 — a food that should never be consumed in public, honestly.

The only logical conclusion here is that no politician should ever be allowed to eat food in public. The Ekka runs until the end of this weekend at the Brisbane Showgrounds, if you fancy a pluto pup.