Pete Evans Is Getting Slammed For Saying “Sunlight, Self-Love & Hugging” Could Cure COVID-19

"Anybody that doesn’t believe that [COVID-19] is finished is insane or they have an agenda."

Pete Evans vaccine COVID-19

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Pete Evans, one of Australia’s most notable dickheads, is once again getting slammed for his terrible anti-vax views.

During the pandemic, the celebrity chef, conspiracy theory lover and “alternative health” advocate has been very vocal about his thoughts on COVID-19.

Commonly referring to coronavirus as a “massive fraud” and “hoax” when talking to his 1.5 million Facebook followers, Pete Evans has one again gone off the deep end by actually endorsing an anti-vaccination political party.

In a new Facebook interview, Evans spoke to Allona Lahn, the state party leader of the Informed Medical Options Party — a political party that was previously known as the Involuntary Medication Objectors (Vaccination/Fluoride) Party.

As the name suggests, the party stands against “any form of forced medication” and “believes that the medical freedoms of Australians are at risk like never before”. Allona Lahn’s profile on the IMOP party site, in particular, explains that Lahn’s focus is specifically on “investigating Australia’s mass drugging agenda with vaccination and fluoride being first and foremost”.

The wild goose chase. @leunigstudio nails it once again. There is no pandemic. This is all a massive fraud ✌️🌈❤️

Posted by Chef Pete Evans on Friday, 16 October 2020

During the almost hour-long chat, the pair discussed the “insanity” around a COVID-19 vaccine as Evans’ strong believes that the virus is over.

“The insanity about a COVID-19 vaccine, I mean, I’ve spoken with so many experts from around the world — they’re all basically saying it’s gone now, it’s done, it’s finished,” Evans begun his spiel.

“Anybody that doesn’t believe that it’s finished is insane or they have an agenda, because next year another virus or another form of whatever it will be will travel the world again,” he continued. “It won’t be COVID-19, they’ll make up some other fucking name, excuse my language. I’ve heard that they’re calling it COVID-21 next.”

Evans also used the opportunity to criticise Australia’s politicians for their response to coronavirus, claiming that many of them lack the ability to “critically think” and are simply “yes people”.

“The political system is crumbling under its own inadequacies. The system is corrupt. Every single which way you look at it — especially this year, all the corruption is coming the surface.”

Evans’ went on to specifically call out the current ICAC hearings in NSW for Daryl Maguire and Gladys Berejiklian, describing the events as a “circus” and a “shitshow”. The celebrity chef also criticised the Victorian Premier Dan Andrews in particular, and called politics “clowns without a ringleader”.

There is a very simple solution to all of this. Open the country, open the borders for travel, open the businesses and…

Posted by Chef Pete Evans on Friday, 16 October 2020

Continuing the madness, Pete Evans most notably took the time to imply that human microchipping and mandatory vaccination could very likely happen because people are already “doing it to our pets”.

“If people want to have a vaccine then so be it. That’s their prerogative, it’s their choice,” he said. “And if other people don’t want to have a vaccine then that’s their choice too.”

“Maybe sunlight could be the best vaccine in the world, maybe good nutrition could be the best vaccine in the world,” Evans sadly continued. “Maybe self-love, maybe hugging and connecting to other human beings and looking at different points of view could be the best vaccine in the world for our community moving forward.”

Ironically, Evans’ then criticised politicians and public figures for talking about vaccines while not being experts on them at all — much like how Evans’ isn’t a doctor either, but continues to spout dangerous medical advice to his easily persuaded fans.

As expected, Pete Evans was rightfully slammed for his absolutely bonkers mindset when it comes to vaccinations and COVID-19 in general. And judging by the reaction to Evans’ new comments, it’s pretty safe to say that Australians are just fed up with the celebrity chef’s shit at this point.

It should be noted that Pete Evans was famously fined $25,000 after spruiking a bullshit coronavirus “cure” back in April, so you should take much of what he says about COVID-19 with a grain of salt. Or a whole damn bottle at this point.