People Are Furious At NSW Police For Pepper Spraying Protestors Inside A Train Station

“I did nothing, look what you did. Look what you did."

Black Lives Matter

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After a day of largely peaceful protests, NSW police are under fire for using pepper spray on a small group of protestors inside Sydney’s Central Station. 

Footage uploaded to Twitter seems to show some straggling protestors being ushered by police from the street into the train station.

Inside the enclosed space, with exits blocked off, police deployed pepper spray.

The protestors sprayed included a woman on crutches, who was filmed visibly shaken and upset by the incident.

Many people are questioning why protestors were corralled into an enclosed space, why pepper spray was released inside the enclosed space, and why it was released at all, at non-violent protestors.

There’s so far been no statement from police about the incident.