Look On In Horror And Despair At These Front-Facing Images Of Peppa Pig

The beloved children's cartoon will eat your soul.

You might know Peppa Pig as a beloved children’s cartoon character, a delightful porcine figure who sings and teaches lessons about the alphabet and self-esteem. What you might not realise is that from a certain angle, Peppa Pig is also an avatar of eldritch horror, an otherworldly nightmare, a portent of our own doom.

Let us explain.

There’s a somewhat new trend of discovering the uncomfortable truth about the front-faces of cartoon characters, which has made the world start to examine their animated friends with suspicion and dread.

The internet recently worked out that Peppa Pig is only ever seen from a right or left side, which is fine in isolation I guess.

But, as Twitter user @KwonHanchi helped bring to the internet’s attention, things get terrifying when an artist tries to imagine what it’s like looking at Peppa Pig directly.

This is the last thing you’ll see before you die

The worst thing is that it makes sense — Peppa Pig has always been a nightmarish monstrosity, designed to strike fear and rage in the hearts of children.

Somehow, colouring in the terrifying pig only makes it worse. Four eyes! Two snouts! 3000 reasons to run screaming into the woods.

Of course, Peppa Pig isn’t averse to controversy, having been accused of being both a tool of feminist brainwashing and potentially a communist sleeper agent. Perhaps this latest development shows that what we previously wrote off as the insane conspiracy theories of right-wing lunatics… could have some element of truth?

Or more likely, Peppa Pig’s only agenda is ruining your sleep forever. People confronted with this front-facing horror have taken to Twitter to register their outrage and fear.

For a delightfully pink cartoon character, Peppa Pig and friends is certainly inspiring a lot of fear these days.