People Are Raking Jimmy Fallon Over The Coals For Going Easy On Donald Trump

Trump's hair was the only thing that got ruffled.

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Jimmy Fallon, the vanilla ice cream of late night talk show hosts, has come under fire for a softball interview with presidential hopeful Donald Trump. The Republican nominee was Fallon’s first guests on Thursday night’s episode of The Tonight Show, but anyone hoping the comedian might have prepared anything resembling a difficult question would have been sorely disappointed.

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Instead, Fallon played things infuriatingly safe, asking Trump about his hobbies, his childhood home and his eating habits on the campaign trail – as opposed to, say, his pledge to ban Muslims from entering the United States or his suggestion that gun nuts might want to assassinate his political opponent.

Towards the end of the interview, Fallon also got Trump’s permission to mess up his infamous hair, which he proceeded to do while grinning like a 12-year-old child.

Fallon has never been a particularly confrontational interviewer, so the way he handed Trump is hardly a surprise. Even so, the whole thing played as disappointingly tame, with many viewers criticising Fallon for giving the divisive candidate a free pass.