“These Things Happen”: Pauline Hanson Slammed For Her Response To Hannah Clarke Tragedy

"A lot of people are driven to do this, to do these acts for one reason or another," said Hanson.

pauline hanson

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Pauline Hanson is getting slammed after appearing on The Today Show, where she discussed the murder of Hannah Clarke and her children — and hinted that the man who murdered them could have been “driven to it”.

Hanson was invited on the show to defend commentator Bettina Arndt, who is facing calls to lose her Australia Day award after she congratulated the police for keeping “an open mind” about whether Baxter had just been “driven too far”.

“A lot of people are driven to do this, to do these acts for one reason or another,” Pauline said.

“But don’t bastardise all men out there, or women for that matter, because these things happen.”

Pauline also took the chance to complain that women who commit family violence don’t get as much coverage as men do.

“You know, this has been for a week we have been in the news nearly every day about this horrific tragedy,” she said. “But we don’t hear much about it when a woman has murdered her children by driving a car into a tree, she threw out a suicide note.

“Or the woman who doused her husband with fuel and set him alight and said she was possibly driven to it.”

“Hopefully the family law inquiry will get to the bottom of it.”

Her comments expanded on an earlier Facebook status she made about the importance of the upcoming inquiry into the family law courts, which Pauline is deputy chair of.

Nine women have been killed by violent partners in less than eight weeks in Australia, but Pauline’s takeaway appears to be that men are being unfairly victimised.

“His disgusting action has further added fuel to an already twisted and difficult family law debate that has seen many decent men deprived of their parental rights,” she wrote.