Hooooo Boy: Pauline Hanson Is Checking To See If She’s A Dual Citizen


After forcefully insisting she’s a dinky di, true blue Aussie Battler, One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is now seeking clarification from the British Home Office as to whether she’s actually a dual citizen.

A One Nation spokesperson told The Australian last night that Hanson’s still certain she’s not a dual citizen, and is just reaching out to the British Home Office to quash speculation, but hey… imagine.

People have been speculating about Hanson’s citizenship for a while now after news articles from 2010 about her plans to move to the UK resurfaced. In those articles, she said she planned to say “goodbye forever” to Australia, and mentions being able to get dual citizenship in the UK.

Sadly for those who’d like to see Hanson eat her hat, journalists who’ve previously looked into Hanson’s citizenship say it’s unlikely that she’s a dual citizen. As far as we know, while Hanson’s grandparents were born in the UK, her parents were born here, meaning that she would probably need to apply to receive dual citizenship.

Anyway, just yesterday Hanson was tersely telling journos that she wouldn’t be checking with the British Home Office, saying “honey you know what, I’ll leave it up to you to do it on my behalf.” If reports that she’s taking matters into her own hands are accurate, then who knows — miracles do happen.

We’ve reached out to Hanson’s office to confirm where things are at, but she hasn’t called us back.