Please Enjoy This Footage Of Pauline Hanson Trying And Failing To Catch A Cane Toad

I'd rather vote for the toad.

Pauline Hanson on A Current Affair trying to catch a cane toad

Pauline Hanson has attempted to sell voters on her latest asinine welfare scheme by going on A Current Affair and chasing after a cane toad. And my God, the footage is an absolute treat.

Hanson drew the ire of experts on Wednesday after suggesting welfare recipients should be put to work killing cane toads in tropical Queensland, at a rate of 10 cents per toad. But the One Nation senator may have gotten a bit of a taste for just how stupid an idea that is after agreeing to try and catch one of the little bastards herself on national television.

“You make it sound easy, so we’ve brought along a cane toad and we thought maybe you could nab him,” challenged ACA host Leila McKinnon. “Show us how it’s done”.

Honestly, given the choice, I’d rather vote for the toad.