Big Brain Genius Pauline Hanson Wants To Make Welfare Recipients Kill Cane Toads

One expert described the idea as "terrible".

Pauline Hanson cane toad

One National leader Pauline Hanson wants welfare recipients put to work killing cane toads, and you will be SHOCKED to learn that experts think that’s a terrible idea.

Hanson says she has written to Prime Minister Scott Morrison to pitch the idea, under which the federal government would pay people on the Work for the Dole scheme 10 cents for every toad they collected.

“All those people out there on Work for the Dole are doing absolutely nothing,” she told Today on Wednesday morning. “Utilise these people sitting around getting paid the doll doing absolutely nothing for it.”

She also suggested kids could get involved too. “Put down the iPads, get out there, collect the cane toads, take them to your local council, and clean up our environment.”

But ecologist Rick Shine, a cane toad eradication expert, told the ABC that Hanson’s proposal was “a terrible idea” and that similar schemes had already been trialled without no success.

“It hasn’t had any long-term impact on the numbers of toads, so we’ve actually got the hard evidence to say it simply doesn’t work,” he said.

Feature image (cane toad) via Wikimedia.