Pauline Hanson Lied About Her Birthday And Then Gaslit The Senate About It

Hanson told the Senate her May 27 birthday actually happened yesterday.

Pauline Hanson Birthday

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One Nation’s Pauline Hanson has stirred up a few laughs in Canberra today for misrepresenting when her birthday is.

The Senator told the Upper House her birthday was yesterday, before changing her mind and revealing it was actually last month, on May 27.

“I’m proud to say I am 67 years of age, and I turned 67 yesterday,” the party leader said this morning.

The debate was in relation to a superannuation Bill introduced by One Nation last year. The proposed amendments would let older Australians contribute more money above the regular cap to their super.

As Labor Senator Jenny McAllister raised, the changes would improve “tax concessions for a small number of very wealthy people,ย curiously enough the age at which this measure kicks in is 67.”

“And it happens, if we are to believe Wikipedia, that Senator Hanson herself has only recently turned 67,” McAllister said.

While the terms of the amendments have been kept under wraps, the changes are believed help politicians pocket an extraย 30 grandย through their superannuation. This is when Hanson bluffs about the day she was brought into the world.

She later corrects herself by spinning the mistake back on her colleagues: “Senator [Murray] Watt said I circulated this on my birthday, my birthday was last month — this was not circulated on my birthday, so it’s basically misrepresentation, telling a lie.”


“Sorry Senator Hanson, but the Senate did hear you say yesterday was your birthday,” she was told in reply, with others yelling out “you said yesterday!” from the house floor.

“Yesterday was not my birthday, so you are wrong, I’m sure you’ve realised that,” Hanson ended on.

Happy belated birthday, I guess?