Please Enjoy Your Internet Boyfriend Paul Rudd Losing His Mind While Eating Spicy Hot Wings

It's the world's most delightful meltdown.

Paul Rudd

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If you don’t know about Hot Ones, the YouTube talk show that just dropped an episode starring the internet’s boyfriend Paul Rudd, then congratulations: this is officially the first day of the rest of your life.

The premise of Hot Ones is very simple. Celebrity guests come on, get asked a series of celebrity guest-esque questions, and are fed a chain of increasingly hot chicken wings. By the time they reach the mid-point, they are sweating out of their eyeballs. By the time they reach the tail end of the show, they are coughing, spluttering, and seeing through the recesses of time and space.

Some celebrities handle the spice better than others. DJ Khaled, for instance, was so upset about being asked to ingest spicy food that he upped and left halfway through, while Cara Delevingne made it all the way to the end with only a light film of sweat forming gently on her brow.

Which is where Rudd comes in.

Listen: the Ant-Man star certainly doesn’t do as badly as some of the show’s guests. He doesn’t stop halfway through, he gives each wing a healthy bite, and he manages to (mostly) answer the questions that are being thrown his way. That said, he absolutely looks like a man regretting every single life choice that got him to this point, and much of the show is spent huffing, puffing, sweating out of orifices hitherto unknown to humankind, and staring in glum self-pity at the wings awaiting him.

Along the way, Rudd gets asked about Ant-Man killing Thanos by climbing into his anus, his affinity for British culture, and Guy Fieri for some reason. The whole interview is charming, and wonderful, and proves what everyone already knew: that Paul Rudd is the absolute best.

Watch all thirty minutes of it here.