Imagine Being A Beatles Nepo Baby

What sort of parental guilt was behind this last-ditch show of support?

the Beatles Paul McCartney

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It’s actually not easy being a nepo baby, okay guys? Take James McCartney. The only son of the Beatles’ Paul McCartney is forced to tend to his tepid musical career in the enormous shadow of arguably the greatest songwriter to ever live. That sucks. 

During his younger years, James McCartney had the good sense to keep his creative pursuits private, aside from some writing and performance credits on albums written by his parents. Then, halfway into his thirties, James stepped out from behind his father’s shadow with the EP, Available Light, which coincided with a tour across the United Kingdom. 

News outlets were suddenly given a new McCartney to pour over. Folks at English breakfast programme Lorraine, were particularly thrilled, breathlessly sharing that they were hosting a live performance with James, touted as a “British television first”.

While his close lineage to music royalty certainly carried James’ music (however mediocre) to heights unseen by many uncouth indie peasants, a surprise televised video message supplied by the senior McCartney to his son before his Lorraine debut should remind us that nepotism is both a blessing and a curse.

Like a form of modern micro-fiction, the 11-second video speaks a thousand words; the mystery deepening with every re-watch. What sort of parental guilt was behind this last-ditch show of support? What sort of horrible crime is McCartney attempting to atone for with that last-minute kiss?

While the answers like many of the daily realities of being a nepo baby are hidden behind a gilded curtain of privilege, this beautiful vignette endures. I love it.