Paul Keating Just Unleashed On Malcolm Turnbull In A Savage New Interview


Paul Keating slams Malcolm Turnbull

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Former Prime Minister Paul Keating has unleashed on Malcolm Turnbull for failing to show adequate leadership while in the top job, in the latest episode of Australia’s favourite game show: Why Won’t These People Just Shut Up And Go Away.

Keating criticised Turnbull after Turnbull criticised Tony Abbott for hanging around and criticising him. Turnbull also criticised Kevin Rudd for hanging around and criticising Julia Gillard, which prompted Rudd to criticise Turnbull right back.
Democracy in action, folks!

Speaking to Fairfax, Keating said Turnbull’s attacks on his predecessors “make you choke on your Weeties”.

“He attacks Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott as ghosts, yet if you needed to know what Malcolm Turnbull truly believes in, what he would die in a ditch over, you would need a microscope to help you find it,” said Keating.

“When Malcolm Turnbull lost the prime ministership, I did feel the Liberal Party had treated him very shabbily and that he had not deserved such contempt from his peers,” he continued. “But absence of belief and vacillation in the big job carries risk and with it, attendant danger, leaving the field open to subterranean malcontents and their sympathisers.”

Keating was particularly scathing of Turnbull’s failure to champion the idea of Australia finally becoming a republic.

“His capitulation to conservatives on the republic says all that needs to be said about Malcolm’s wider ambitions for the country,” said Keating. “He failed to show a skerrick of leadership.”