Paul Feig Tweets Picture of ‘Ghostbuster’ Cast; The Internet Responds

Also: what's with the boots?

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All week Paul Feig has been tweeting bits and pieces about his upcoming all-female Ghostbusters (#whattheygonnadrive, #whatyougonnashoot, #whatyougonnawear), but last night he brought out the big guns.

From a quick glance, a few things become immediately clear:

1. Leslie Jones has one hell of a fight face.

2. Kate McKinnon has been waiting to pull out that pose her whole life.

3. Kristen Wiig does not know what to do with her hands.

4. Melissa McCarthy has had enough of your bullshit.

5. Hey, weird boots.

The internet’s reaction has been fairly mixed, but a lot of it unfortunately is still concerned with the fact that the main characters are women. Pour one out for the middle aged men who missed out on that role.

I think it’s safe to say that we all want Ghostbusters to be good (duh, liking stuff is more fun than hating stuff), but judging by the reaction to this photo, skepticism is high.

Plus, they’re all still women.