Pass It On: See The Simpsons In Every Pop Culture Alternate Universe Ever In The New Halloween Special

Adventure Time Simpsons! Lego Simpsons! Anime Simpsons!

Occasionally The Simpsons comes up with a genuine reason to remember that not only does it still exist, but that it can still be sort of funny sometimes. The eight billionth Halloween Special just aired, and this clip from it has started doing the rounds on social media.

There are some pretty sweet visual gags and shout-outs crammed into that little vignette. The Anime Simpsons family features Lisa as Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan, Homer as Zoro from One Piece, Maggie as Pikachu, Santa’s Little Helper as┬áthe Spirit of the Kohaku River from Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away.


Then we get the family as Adventure Time characters, which is all I need to be fully on board with the joke at this point.


Later on we get the Simpson family as South Park characters, and — even better — as characters from Archer. I like that Santa’s Little Helper is Duchess.


THEN we get them as whatever the hell these are supposed to be. I think there’s a gap in my pop culture knowledge. Bob’s Burgers maybe? A sad Italian cartoon? It looks rather depressing. Either way, there’s also a Lego family chilling in the background.


Finally we get the Simpsons as minions from Despicable Me, because why not. Why not indeed. When you’ve been on TV for this long, you get a free pass to do stuff like this sometimes.