Violent Footage Surfaces Of Epic Brawl In Well-Known Melbourne Eatery

Dinner and a show?

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Doing the rounds on social media this afternoon is footage uploaded to YouTube yesterday, which offers little in the way of information: “People fighting at a greek restraunt over a table.” (sic) 

It was shot at Stalactites, a well-known late-night eatery in the Greek precinct on Lonsdale Street, where demand for seats is sufficiently high as to warrant a terrifying brawl.

Tables are thrown. Shirts are ripped. Chairs are smashed with worrying ease over other people’s heads. And like all the best spaghetti Western saloon fights, it ends with a cracker of a line: “Do I get a refund on my souvlaki?”

A representative from the restaurant confirms the fight took place at Stalactites, but over five years ago.

Warning: super violent.

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