These Siblings Made A Parody Song Urging Pauline Hanson To Resign And It’s Going Viral

It's a re-work of Dolly Parton's classic 'Jolene'.

If you’ve had it with Pauline Hanson and love a good tune, look no further — a super-catchy parody song calling for Hanson to resign from politics has gone unexpectedly viral after two siblings recorded and uploaded it on Friday.

Caleb and Annabel Ziegeler from Warrnambool, Victoria, rewrote Dolly Parton’s classic hit Jolene to be about “everyone’s favourite flame-haired Senator”, Pauline. They say the song is a response to Hanson’s burqa-wearing stunt last week, in which she wore a burqa in Parliament in an attempt to…oppose the wearing of burqas in Parliament?

Anyway, the result is an incredibly catchy musical summary of all of Hanson’s terrible policies, and a fairly persuasive case for the Senator to step down.

“Your racist views are out of date, don’t want no-one to immigrate, it’s time that you stopped spreading hate, Pauline,” the siblings sing. “Please go back to cooking fish and chips”.

Amazingly, Caleb told SBS, it only took the duo about an hour to pull the genuinely good tune together. You can watch them perform it below.

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