Australia’s Parliamentary Twitter Accounts Are Roasting Each Other About Star Wars

Star Wars banter is so much more interesting than politics anyway.

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It’s the 4th of May, or as us nerds call it: Star Wars Day. You’ve probably noticed your friends (as well as plenty of brands) trying to piggy-back on a cultural phenomenon posting the same “May the fourth be with you! Hyuck, hyuck, hyuck!” line on Facebook. Or maybe you’ve posted it yourself. Star Wars is great, no shade.

But just when you thought the same jokes had been done to death, Australian politics comes the rescue. Today the official Twitter accounts of Australia’s two houses of parliament, the House of Representative and the Senate, have stepped up Star Wars Day banter to the next level by engaging in a deeply nerdy conversation about the ins and outs of the galaxy’s political system.

It all kicked off with this cheeky little dig at the House of Representatives:

But the House of Reps hit back:

It didn’t end there. Enjoy the long, and increasingly geeky, discussion about the Star Wars universe:

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 3.11.26 pm

The best bit is the fact that while all this was going on, the Twitter accounts were still doing their actual job. The House of Reps account would occasionally punctuate Star Wars tweets with useful information about committee hearings.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 3.13.10 pmSome politicians couldn’t help themselves, with Greens senator Peter Whish-Wilson comparing his colleagues to the dodgy characters hanging out in the infamous Mos Eisley Cantina Bar.

It might seem like these Twitter accounts spent an awful lot of time arguing about specific Star Wars stuff but I understand why. I get it. If I had to tweet about the insanity of federal politics literally every single day I’d probably snap and go on a huge Star Wars bender as well.

Good on them, keep it up.