Parents Are Sharing Photos Of Their Daughters Dressed As Wonder Woman And Oh No, Our Hearts

You're crying.

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After literally decades of delays and a lot of very stupid arguments about whether moviegoers were interested in female superheroes, Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman is finally in theatres where – surprise, surprise – it’s absolutely raking in the cash. The film is tipped to make upwards of US$100 million, in the United States alone, over the course of its opening weekend. For those playing at home, that’s a bigger debut than Captain America, Thor, Doctor Strange, Batman Begins and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Not only that, but the film has earned overwhelmingly positive reviews. It’s currently sitting at 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, while our own critic absolutely loved it.

But while the execs at Warner Bros are no doubt cracking the champagne over the film’s box office tally, Wonder Woman is important for another reason. It’s the first big-budget female-led superhero film in over a decade, and one of only a handful in the history of the genre (shoutout to Elektra and, uh, Catwoman). For a lot of young women and girls, Wonder Woman is literally the first film of their lifetime about a superhero who looks like them.

Given that, it’s hardly surprising that the internet is currently being flooded with adorable photos of kids dressed up as Wonder Woman. There are a lot of proud parents out there right now, and I’m going to stop typing before I turn into a blubbery mess. This is why representation matters, folks.

Feature image via Juan Lapaix.