Sticky Fingers Slam Triple J For Allegedly Barring An Act From Covering Them On ‘Like A Version’

Bassist Paddy Cornwall called triple j an "army of cowards".

Sticky Fingers

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Sticky Fingers bassist Paddy Cornwall has called triple j an “army of cowards” on his Instagram, alleging that they blocked an Australian artist from Like A Version for planning to cover StiFi song ‘How To Fly’.

In a screenshot of a text post, Cornwall writes that the Australian act had their Like A Version for last week pulled over their song selection: apparently the artist wanted to play it as it “got them through the hard times”.

Sticky Fingers have not been played on triple j since April 2018, following an abysmal interview on triple j’s Hack segment where lead singer Dylan Frost defended himself from allegations of violence and threatening behaviour by saying that “boys will be boys”.

Since then, triple j have dropped the band from their playlists, prompting Cornwall to rant on his Instagram live about the supposed double standard of the station. According to him, Sticky Fingers are both bigger than triple j, and have been deeply hurt by the exclusion. “Triple j, fuck you and your fucking artist repertoire,” he said. “We don’t fucking need you. We don’t want you because you play your fucking bullshit and you’re a bunch of fucking maggots.”

Now, Cornwall has slammed triple j for not “fronting on fact verses allegation”, saying they are “setting a bad example for our future”. To his followers, he writes, “don’t forget you, the people, pay their taxes”.

In the caption, Cornwall demands the station “make a statement, you pathetic cowards,” he writes. “As proven we don’t need you. help yourselves out tho, I feel sorry for you.”

Music Junkee has reached out to triple j for comment, and will update the article upon hearing back. Find Cornwall’s post below.