6 Things You’ll Know Too Well If You’ve Packed Your Timetable Into One Day

#4 That very last class of the day may as well be kidding itself

At the start of semester, you made timetabling your bitch. Truly. You did your research prior, logged on as soon as it opened and relentlessly clicked your preferred class schedule until the Gods yielded and you got what you wanted: all your classes stacked on one day. Hell. Bloody. Yes. Baby!

But then the reality hit. An entire day full (we mean FULL) of classes and lectures is actually extremely tiring. That full timetable life is a hard one.

#1 You’ve Told Absolutely Everybody How Good You Are At Timetabling

It was freaking hard to put together a timetable that good. You literally competed against hundreds (if not thousands!) of people to get that flawless, back-to-back action. You better bet everyone in a three kilometre vicinity will hear about it for the rest of semester.

#2 You Underestimated How Stressful That One Day Would Be

All of your classes on one day sounds like a good idea until you realise it’s just 24 hours of pure, unadulterated stress.

One class after another, after another, after another just fries your brain completely. Have you run a marathon? No. Does your body ache like it did? Yes.

#3 You’re Unsure If It Saves You More Time

So, yes, your attendance is good. But you spend a lot of time asking yourself what you learned in each tute. And when exactly was that assignment due again? And holy shit, we had to do readings for that class? Dammit.

#4 That Last Class Of The Day May As Well Be Kidding Itself

Here’s one thing you know to be true: by 3pm, your day of packed timetabling may as well get fucked. No brain in the world can retain enough information to get through nine hours of subject material.

If you can only miss two classes this semester, we bet you’ve already skipped both of every class after 3pm.

#5 You Overestimate How Much Time There Is Until The Next Set Of Classes

When you do finally get to the end of an entire day of classes, you thank your lucky stars you won’t have to do it again for another six days. In fact, you can’t even look at uni readings/your assignments without experiencing some sort of PTSD.

So you totally ignore your readings until it’s the night before your uni day and you realised you’ve done sweet FA. You promptly freak out and think, eh, another 24 hours and it’s next weeks problem. Then repeat.

#6 Honestly, You’re Balling

Only one day of uni a week leaves you six other days to pick up shifts. So while your uni career may be slowly but surely dwindling, your bank account has never been more flush. Swings and roundabouts, we guess!

(Lead image: Men, Women and Children/Paramount)