Overwatch Accidentally Made The ‘Sexy’ Junkrat Hell Clown Even More Horrifying

Overwatch - Circus Junkrat skin

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Last week, Overwatch‘s Archives event introduced the Circus Junkrat skin into our lives. Most people were rightfully horrified. Now, to add some more nope sprinkles to the hell clown sundae, players have reported a glitch in the game causes this carnival abomination to haunt you even after death.

Junkrat is irradiated Australian hellspawn and a plague on every house within a 50m radius of himself. He has only a passing acquaintance with the concepts of occupational health and safety, soap, and shirts. He wields a butt-ton of explosives and an excessive eagerness to use them. And he looks like Barty Crouch Jr. if he developed an affinity for gunpowder.

This man is to be avoided even at the best of times. And by gifting him a highly repulsive clown outfit, Overwatch has highlighted this fact in cyan, magenta and yellow.

It’s bad enough this look exists, but a new glitch has ensured the horror doesn’t end here.

Since last week’s update, players have reported that, despite filling the new clown demon with enough lead to exorcise it from this life, the ghost of Junkrats past stubbornly persists after death. Manspreading on an invisible chair, arms up as though he’s about to drop some sick beats, Circus Junkrat hangs around frozen for several seconds postmortem, impervious and inevitable.

He eventually pops out of existence back to the fires from whence he came, but Junkrat’s failure to immediately leave when he is clearly not wanted can be a bit disorienting for players, especially considering how fast-paced Overwatch typically is. An immobile clown squatting over the battlefield like some sort of Stephen King situation is a fairly decent distraction.

Strangely, this frozen corpse glitch only occurs with the Circus Junkrat skin. Dress Junkrat up in any of his other, less offensive outfits, and upon death his body will collapse, littering the ground with live bombs as nature intended. The glitch is still in operation as of today, though it is likely to be fixed soon as developer Blizzard is aware of it.

Some fans would prefer the glitch wasn’t patched out, finding this little slice of purgatory amusing. Do not listen to these people. They do not have Overwatch‘s best interests at heart. Blizzard should patch glitches such as these immediately and with extreme prejudice.

In fact, why not patch out the whole clown skin? Just to be safe.

Overwatch‘s Archives event ends on May 7.