Operation Fortitude’s Downfall Seamlessly Inserted Into ‘Downfall’

Hitler is not happy when he finds out about #BorderFarce.

Alright, putting aside the fact that these ‘Downfall’ mashups are about as old Abbott’s ideologies in meme-years, and that you guys have been absolutely hammered with Operation Fortitude related coverage over the past three days, I think we can all agree this scenario comes pretty close to the video’s best match yet.

It’s all there — the comparison between the Australian Border Force and the Nazis; the red-faced officials; the references to Melbourne’s inner-city lefties and relevant tram lines; the god damn movie title. YouTuber Julian Doherty may have used ancient viral material, but as the saying goes, it’s not the meme you use, it’s how you use it, or something.

Now let’s never speak of Operation Fortitude again. Unless, you know, something else happens; in which case, see you soon, Operation Fortitude.