These Opera Singers Dubbed With Dial-Up Modems Will Be The Best 18 Seconds Of Your Day

Just trust us.

Opera Singers dubbed with dial-up internet sounds

We didn’t ever think opera singers would be the subject of our new favourite dumb internet video, but here we are. Don’t accuse us of clickbait: as promised in the headline, this video of opera singers dubbed with dial-up modems is very good.

When you think about it, the pairing makes sense. Both opera and dial-up are relics of a foregone time, and things which in 2019, are mostly patronised by the elderly. We’re sure a thesis could be written on the sonic parallels between connecting to the World Wide Web and the pathos of Carmen‘s tragic finale, but look, that’s not what we’re here for today.

Let’s be completely honest: you aren’t here to read these words, and hell, why should you? Pure joy awaits, thanks to Swedish comedian and children book illustration Olaf Falafel. Dive in below.