Kick Back And Enjoy The Spectacular One Nation Feud Playing Out On Twitter Right Now

"You really are the septic pustule on the anus of vulgar society."

charles smith one nation

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Last week, a Western Australian MP named Charles Smith quit One Nation over concerns that the party wasn’t getting anything done. It seems tensions may have run a little deeper than that, though, seeing as Smith has now taken to Twitter to call a former colleague a “semi literate goon” and a “septic pustule on the anus of vulgar society”.

Smith’s departure was clearly never an amicable split, but still, wow. After he announced his departure in a media release blasting One Nation WA party leader Colin Tincknell’s leadership skills, Tincknell hopped on Sky News to accuse Smith of failing to be a team player, before attempting to demonstrate his leadership skills with an extended tangent about “lobster people”.

“Charlie [Smith] just had many opportunities — he got invited to functions, and just didn’t turn up,” Tincknell complained. Well, Smith has certainly turned up now, on Twitter, with some serious words for One Nation in Western Australia.

Specifically, he seems to be unleashing years of pent-up rage on One Nation staffer and former candidate Rod Caddies, pictured below looming over Pauline Hanson in his presumably not-to-scale Facebook cover photo.

rod caddies

Caddies kicked off the beef last Wednesday by telling Smith to “get real mate, you were never a team player. You’ve always wanted it to be the Charles Smith show, well now you can go and enjoy your 5 minutes of fame”.

“Hi Rod and thank you for your kind words,” Smith responded. “Though it’s hard to be a good team player when you’re led by a moron. Best of luck!”

Undeterred by this brutal owning, Caddies continued to tweet criticisms of Smith at every opportunity, describing him as “one of those people who watch you working on something, tell you ‘you should be doing a better job’ but doesn’t contribute anything themselves”. Smith then called Caddies “delusional”, Caddies responded by calling Smith delusional but adding a winky face, and things continued to slowly escalate.

And eventually, one of Caddies’ tweets pushed Smith over the line. “You really are quite the bitter and twisted little man,” he wrote. “Nobody in One Nation likes you or Colin. They love me.”

He then called Caddies a “semi literate goon” and a “septic pustule on the anus of vulgar society”, just in case “nobody in One Nation likes you” didn’t quite hit home.

A septic pustule on the anus of vulgar society. Honestly, I might borrow this phrase for my next epic feud with a mortal enemy. Truly, One Nation must be grieving the loss of such an impressive wordsmith. Smith will now sit in WA Parliament as an independent.