One Of Christopher Pyne’s Advisers Was Arrested In Malaysia After Formula One Stripping Incident

How will Chris "The Fixer" Pyne fix this?

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In case you needed to be reminded how ridiculous this country is, a staffer for Coalition frontbencher Christopher Pyne has been jailed in Malaysia as one of a group of Australians caught stripping at the formula one grand prix.

A policy adviser to Pyne for the past three years, Jack Walker was one of nine people arrested at the race on Sunday afternoon. A number of the men detained by police were wearing underwear featuring the Malaysian flag, although it’s unclear whether Walker was sporting the budgie smugglers himself.

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Prior to being arrested, the men were heard chanting “Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi,” and were seen wearing Australian flags as capes. Of course they were. Of. Course. They. Were.

According to The Age, the group is currently being investigated for breaching the peace, public indecency and disrespecting the national flag. Sepang district police chief Abdul Aziz Ali said they will likely be held for several more days before a final decision is made.

A spokesperson for Pyne said that the matter “is being handled appropriately by the Australian high commissioner. Until we have a clearer picture of the process at hand it would be unwise to comment further.”

It’ll be interesting to see how The Fixer goes about fixing this.

Feature image via Nik Asyraaf/Twitter