Meet ‘One Asian’, The Party That Wants To Prove How Easy It Is To Get Elected As A Senator

Led by comedian Michael Hing, One Asian boast absolutely no policies whatsoever.

Michael Hing, the only member of the One Asian party

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In the chaotic world of politics, it can be hard to stand out and command the voting public’s attention. But Michael Hing, comedian and stalwart of The Feed, might have found a way to do just that.

Hing has just launched a brand new political party, One Asian. Part pisstake of politics, part genuine call for change, One Asian has been designed to prove just how easy it is to get voted in as a senator.

“G’day Australia,” Hing says at the start of his launch video. “There’s an election coming up, and you’ve got a choice to make. Do you want to go with the same old, tired, major parties? Or do you want to make a change?

“Put me in the senate to represent you.”

From there, Hing takes the time to stress that he’s absolutely, definitely not joking about the whole running for senate thing.

“This is 100% for real,” he says to camera. “Getting elected Senator is actually easier than you think. Do you remember Senator Fraser Anning? How many primary votes do you think he got? 19.

“We can actually do this, because literally anyone can.”

Posted by Michael Hing on Wednesday, 10 April 2019

More than that, Hing’s not actually running on any concrete policies. He wants to crowdsource those to his viewers, asking them to guide him through literally every one of his platforms. Which is novel, I’ll give him that.

Also, even though the whole point of this exercise is to do things by half measure, he’s committing wholly to the bit, even launching his own website. The deep dive into his non-policies listed there promises a “royal commission into puppies” and carefully lays out his non-credentials. “Policies? No. Experience? Also no,” the website loudly proclaims.

So there you have it. This May, One Asian are giving you the opportunity to drop the most sustained Donkey Vote imaginable.