This ’80s Version Of Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Drivers License’ Has Gone Viral

Is it...better than the original?

drivers license photo

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It’s been common YouTube for years now: taking a current song and restyling it as if it were released in a past decade. Most of time, they’re pretty ordinary — including a slap bass does not a ‘funk’ remix make — but sometimes they hit perfectly, such as this recent effort from TikTokker and YouTuber @musicbyblanks.

A few days ago he uploaded a reworked version of Olivia Rodrigo’s monster hit ‘drivers license’, turning the lilting pop ballad into an all-out ’80s screamer, as if Journey and Toto decided to team up and cover the track. The version has quickly gone viral — at the time of writing, it has cracked 1.4 million likes on the clock app, while on YouTube it’s racing towards 150,000 views. Have a listen below.

Rodrigo’s album SOUR has sitting near the top of Billboard charts since it was released back on May 21 — it actually had the biggest first week for an album in 2021, raking in an enviable 295,000 equivalent album sales. In our review of the album, writer Sam Murphy labelled it “a nuanced, raw and inspired project showcasing a newcomer who is too good a songwriter to simply be a fad.”

It’s also, thanks to the fevered single ‘good 4 u’, kicked off a new wave of interest pop-punk — which will make anyone that lived through 2005-2009 feel very, very old indeed.