Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ Has Trampled All Over Drake’s Streaming Record

Sorry Drake, there's a new cowboy in town.

Lil Nas X's 'Old Town Road' has broken one of Drake's streaming records

Welcome to the ‘Old Town Road’ era, y’all.

In case you’ve somehow been living out on a remote farm somewhere, the debut single from 20-year-old Lil Nas X has topped the charts in the US thanks to an unexpected assist from Mr. ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ himself, Billy Ray Cyrus.

The ‘Old Town Road’ remix marks Cyrus’ first time in the top five since 1992 – which, just to make you feel really old, was seven years before Lil Nas X was born.

The bigger story, however, is the new Spotify record that our country-trap hero has just broken. With a whopping 143 million streams, Billboard reports the song has officially set the new top score for most streams in a week.

Consider that the previous title holder was Drake with his own viral sensation ‘In My Feelings’ last year, which created its own challenge where people jumped out of moving cars — and that was a measly 117 million streams.

The horses in the back have truly trampled Kiki and all of her friends on their way up to the top of the mountain, and it doesn’t look like anything is gonna stop Lil Nas X anytime soon.

On top of that, more and more stars of country music are aligning themselves with him following ‘Old Town Road”s controversial removal from the Billboard country chart for being ‘too rap’.

The latest is our very own Keith Urban, who took to Twitter over the weekend to post a short video of him playing the song on his six-string banjo. Journalistic objectivity be damned – it sounds sick. Watch it below.