Police Are Begging The Public To Stop Riding Horses Down This Real ‘Old Town Road’

"This quiet neighbourhood off Troy Road is not a suitable filming location for your amateur rap videos."

US Police ask Lil Nas X fans to stop going down 'Old Town Road'

The power of ‘Old Town Road’ is unparalleled. Its nine-week grip on the #1 spot on the US charts puts LiL Nas X — a 20-year-old who first released the song through his Nicki Minaj fan fiction Twitter account — on par statistically with the likes of Whitney Houston and Elton John.

It’s inspired more memes than we can handle; stirred up controversy about what is and isn’t country; made some school kids absolutely go off during a surprise live performanceand had two huge remixes featuring Billy Ray Cyrus and Diplo.

While we wait for his debut EP, ‘Old Town Road’ continues to climb to new heights — and recently, police in the US have felt the need to ask fans to stop filming their own music videos.

Two weeks ago, the Marlborough Police Department in New Hampshire felt the need to post a public plea, after a quiet dirt ‘Old Town Road’ became inundated with people filming videos on their horses.

“Please stop taking your horses down to our Old Town Road,” the post reads. “This quiet neighbourhood off Troy Road is not a suitable filming location for your amateur rap videos. For our older followers, please disregard this pop culture reference and continue your equestrian activities as usual.”

On Facebook, Lil Nas X’s fans had a few issues with the statement. Firstly, the song is famously country, not rap, and secondly, the song’s may have blown up on Tik Tok, but as Billy Ray Cyrus shows, it has an inter-generational appeal. Mostly, the status has become inundated with the song’s key lyrics: “can’t nobody tell me nothin'”.

After the comments noted that the police really can’t tell ‘Old Town Road’ fans to stop filming yet allow other horse-riders to use the roads, they clarified it was a joke.

Revisit the music video for ‘Old Town Road’ below.