Okay, Christopher Pyne DEFINITELY Just Called Anthony Albanese A C*nt On The Today Show

Holy crap.

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Remember when Education Minister Christopher Pyne maybe-sort-of called Bill Shorten the C-banger in Parliament that one time and we all lost our minds?

Turns out he probably didn’t that time; Shorten himself said he doesn’t remember it, and the consensus seems to be that Pyne said “grub”. But there’s none of that did-he-didn’t-he nonsense around this new video. Pyne appeared on the Today Show opposite former Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese this morning, and a snarky little jab about the Liberals’ leadership woes by Albanese seems to have gotten under Pyne’s skin.

Okay, he definitely just called Albanese a c*nt right there. “See you next Tuesday”? Kids have been pulling that shit in high school for generations, it was the original “puck you, miss”. Also, today’s Friday, Christopher! I checked the calendar, and Tuesday’s not for another several days! You ain’t fooling anyone, bud!

He knows he done bad, too. Look at that oh-shit face.


This is probably the least offensive thing Christopher Pyne has done as Education Minister. Still though, REKT. So rekt.