NSW Premier Mike Baird Livetweeted ‘The Bachelor’ Last Night, Is Now The Nation’s Foremost Baffled Dad

A new contender for the title of National Dad emerges.

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Watching The Bachelor is only half as fun as livetweeting The Bachelor with thousands of gleeful, like-minded souls who are doing it primarily for reasons of sadistic pleasure  and tomorrow’s office gossip. The Bachelor is not a solitary pursuit; it is a group endeavour, a collective exercise in TV schadenfreude that’s only made sweeter when some more benighted soul who’s never watched the show is introduced to it for the first time and becomes progressively more bewildered and frightened by what’s going on.

Last night, that person was NSW Premier Mike Baird, who either really did have a serendipitously-timed case of man-flu or is continuing his appeal to The Youth by being a politician who’s actually adept at social media.

The fact that a sitting state Premier was livetweeting the fucking Bachelor quickly caught people’s attention, but Baird’s baffled-Dad take on the whole thing, complete with lame Dad jokes and Dadpinions, was worth sticking around for.

As the show wore on, Baird’s claim to being Australia’s official National Dad only strengthened. Wayne Swan‘s going to have to lift his game.

Eventually he wrapped up with a couple of parting thoughts on how to run the state more in line with Bachie’s precepts, and people went fucking ballistic.

By contrast, this pearler from Wayne Swan yesterday went chronically underappreciated. Come on, Australia.