A Bunch Of NSW Politicians Have Already Ruined Valentine’s Day

"It's giving out of touch."

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Today is Valentine’s day and I’m extremely sorry to inform you that NSW politicians are doing what they do best — completely ruining the vibe with bad memes.

To quote the immortal words of Oscar Wilde: “Everything in the world is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power.” And lo, bleeding hearts of all political persuasions have decided that Valentine’s Day is the flashpoint to persuade precious swinging voters of their charm and good looks ahead of the election in late March.

To officially mark the occasion the NSW Labor Party, perhaps sensing a synergy between the primary colour of their logo and the romantic occasion in question, released a couple of doctored movie posters that served to tire even the seasoned election reporter Antony Green.

Later, the political photoshopping took on the tone of a jilted lover to attack the current NSW State Premier Dominic Perrottet, depicted here as Matthew McConaughey.

The NSW Liberal Party fired back with their own Valentine’s messaging in the form of a scare campaign, of course.

Notably absent from the romantic tit-for-tat were the New South Wales Greens party, who were content to chide the political sparring by replying “it’s giving out of touch” on Twitter.

Hell, even the Australian Electoral Commission got in on the action, albeit with the noble intent of encouraging NSW voters to enrol to vote.

And yes, all is fair in love and war, but seeing these memes? In this economy? We’re no longer so sure.