The Latest NSW Police TikTok Is The Worst One Yet

POV: You're getting stomped, basically.

nsw police tiktok

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I regret to inform you that NSW Police are, yet again, back on their TikTok bullshit.

For reasons that remain unclear, NSW Police continue to blatantly waste taxpayer money on making weird copaganda videos for TikTok. Not even videos that could pass as ‘educational’ content like teaching kids about the dangers of drugs or internet safety or anything remotely helpful. No. They keep participating in TikTok challenges, and their latest is the worst one yet.

The official NSW Police TikTok account joined in on the ‘Icon’ challenge, which involves stomping on your phone to create a transition during Jaden Smith’s song of the same name.

What the police seemingly didn’t realise is that a video of a police officer stomping on you is, uhh… not a good look for them.

There is no shortage of allegations of NSW Police using excessive force and other misconduct, particularly involving Indigenous victims.

In 2020, NSW Police were forced to investigate an officer who was filmed kicking and pinning down an Indigenous teenager during an arrest.

Last year, NSW Police allegedly threw an Indigenous woman to the ground while she was trying to calm her partner, who was having a panic attack.

Not to mention, just a few months ago bodycam footage showed two NSW police officers kneeing and punching two men at a petrol station for allegedly not wearing masks.

These are just a handful of examples from the laundry list of violent allegations against NSW Police officers in recent years. By no means is it an exhaustive list, but it begs the question of why the NSW Police would think their most recent TikTok would be a smart PR move.

The video has quickly been slammed on social media, with users wondering whether they connected the dots before posting the clip.

If we’re not going to defund the police, can we at least defund their social media accounts?