NPR’s Brilliant April Fools’ Day Prank Was Sadly Lost On Much Of The Internet

It was a thing of beauty.

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“Why doesn’t America read anymore?”, asked America’s notoriously intellectual National Public Radio — home to brainy brainiacs like Ira Glass and Terry Gross, and all those nerdy podcasts your drunk friends endlessly chat about — in an article posted on its Facebook page earlier this week.


Needless to say, the commenter outrage was instant. “I read everyday. After donating 100+ books and boxing up books the bookshelves and magazine racks are still overflowing. SMH… Why NPR have you made this overgeneralisation?”, asked the furious masses, eager to prove that they READ SO FUCKING MUCH, FUCK YOU NPR, HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT I DO, I’M SMARTER THAN YOU.

Unfortunately, they didn’t prove it hard enough, ’cause if they’d clicked on the actual article rather than just glancing at the headline and hitting the comment boards in a nerd rage, they would’ve seen this:


While the readers looked on and giggled, the comments piled up:


“I read all the time. Alllllllllll the time.” Ah, well played, NPR.