Meet Nonna Nerina, The 84-Year-Old Grandma Streaming Pasta-Making Classes During Quarantine

Nonna Nerina, one of AirBnB's most popular hosts, is moving from IRL classes to live-streams during lockdown.

nonna nerina stream pasta class

Pasta is a great staple food to have at home during self-isolation.

But sometimes you want something a little fancier than the regular store-bought boxed spaghetti. Plus fresh pasta usually only requires a few staple items you’d already have in your home like flour, salt and eggs.

While an easy dish to make, everyone knows that Italian nonna’s know how to make it best. And for 84-year-old Nonna Nerina, pasta-cooking classes in her town near Rome are her speciality.

Nonna Nerina normally runs her famous handmade pasta classes with her sisters as an AirBnB experience in Italy. But as a result of the country’s lockdown in response to coronavirus, Nonna Nerina has shifted her in-person experience to a two-hour live stream.

Along with her granddaughter Chiara, Nonna Nerina walks guest through family recipes from the comfort and safety of their own homes — which also means you no longer need to fly half way across the world for authentic Italian cooking classes anymore.

Providing a full shopping list of ingredients and necessary utensils before the class, the live-stream makes the recipes as simple as possible for virtual attendees. This weekend, for example, Nonna Nernina is teaching attendees how to cook a delicious menu of a vegetarian fetuccine with tomato sauce and perfect cannelloni.

While the classes run from Wednesday to Sunday with Chiara, Nonna Nerina only streams on Saturday and Sunday. But because of her older age, if she ever feels unwell, her sister happily takes her place for the stream.

The class, which normally charges $100 USD for the in real-life experience, goes for $50 USD for a virtual session. But classes sell out pretty fast and air around 4am AEDT, which is worth the early wake up for some nonna-quality quarantine pasta, tbh.

You can book a virtual cooking experience with Nonna Nerina here