Noel Gallagher Still Thinks The Amity Affliction’s Music Sounds Like “A Dead Turd”

"Clearly bound to be shit."

Back in 2012, while touring the country with Big Day Out, Noel Gallagher sat in the triple j studios for an interview.

Midway through triple j paused for a music break, which happened to include a track from Queensland heavy outfit The Amity Affliction. When they came back on air, Gallagher announced that he was less than impressed with what he’d just heard — telling the hosts in no uncertain terms that it “sounds like a dead turd”.

The band were actually quite chuffed with Gallagher’s assessment of their music and the quote has become something of a rallying cry for them over the years. So recently, they decided to honour Noel’s words by not-so-subtly sticking them on some merch:

(Pretty good design, to be honest.)

So in an interview this week with Music Feeds, Noel was, of course, asked whether he’d seen the shirts. His response was classic Gallagher:

“No,” he said. “Unless I see somebody wearing it outside my front door it’s never liable to reach me because I don’t surf the internet. ‘Sounds like a dead turd’? It sounds like the kind of thing I may have said. Who knows? Who cares.”

He’s still not a fan of metal, though: “What is [their music], metal? Clearly bound to be shit then.”

So now we can add ‘metal’ to the already-extensive list of things that Noel Gallagher hates, although his brother Liam probably still outdoes him the Grumpy Old White Man stakes. We recently compared the brothers’ albums to see who came out on top, and the result is bound to piss at least one of them off.