Nine times when you’ll realise being single is actually the best

Being single can get tiresome, but there are some instances when you think “Damn, I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with that shit”. It can make you feel #blessed you’re living that single life. If you need a reminder on how awesome your solo single status can be, read on.

When you’re listening to your friends fucked up relationship problems

As the single friend, you are the relationship therapist of your group. While this can be draining, listening to your best friend talk about her shitty boyfriend makes you appreciate your drama-free, stress-free, single pringle life.

When you don’t have to share your pizza

The first stages of a relationship are so awkward when you’re trying to look like a petite fairy princess who can’t down a whole pizza by yourself.

It’s a wonderful thing when you can order an extra-large pizza with no one to share it with and no one to judge you when you eat the whole thing in record time, followed by a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

You do you

You only have to do things that makes you happy. If that means hooking up with whoever you want, not shaving for a week because you cbf, buying some pretty underwear because it makes you feel sexy or getting a new piercing, then you do you boo. Being single means being truly independent and discovering who you are.

You can take up the ENTIRE bed

You can starfish on the bed without a blanket hog taking up all the space, leaving you shivering in the fetal position. Cuddling looks cute in movies, but in reality, it’s cute for about five minutes and then you’re drowning in the other person’s body sweat. And it’s not even a comfortable position to sleep in.

You don’t feel obligated to return the favour

Sex is never routine, you do it because you want to and you can have a meaningless hookup and enjoy it for what it is. And oral favours don’t have to be returned, it’s just a random person that you’ll probs never see again, so who cares?

The anticipation of the unknown

The excitement of getting dressed up on a Friday night, not knowing what the night will bring or who you’re going to meet is the best feeling ever. Whether you’re going for a hookup or to get lucky, nothing feels better than feeling free as a bird and letting boys buy you drinks.

No one telling you to hurry up

The greatest thing about single life is you can take however damn long you want on your makeup and hair when going out. And your home beauty routines can be as gross as you want them to be. I’m talking scary mud masks, acne cream and the retainer you still have to wear to bed. When you live and sleep alone, there’s no shame.

There’s no awkward dinner

There’s no one else’s family to impress with the nerve-wracking first dinner questions. Endless snooty questions of “What are you studying?” and “What are you going to be?” is enough to make anyone have an anxiety attack. When you’re single, the only family you have to worry about is your own, and you know they’ll still love you even when you’re a hot mess.

Knowing Beyoncé wrote ‘Single Ladies’ for you

The greatest gift. Sacha Fierce lives within us all.

Sophie Nicolas

Sophie is studying a bachelor of Arts in creative writing and is an aspiring writer, dog enthusiast and thrift shop fashion icon.

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