One Brave Hero Has Given Nicole Kidman’s Many Wigs The Respect They Deserve

As the famous saying goes, 'for every powerful Nicole Kidman role, there's an even more powerful wig'.

When we inevitably spiral into existential dread, we grasp at the constants of the world as if they will hold us down. For some, it’s that time is ceaseless, kindly uncaring — wherever you are, it too shall pass.

For others, it’s that Nicole Kidman loves wigs.

Nicole Kidman will always love wigs: she will always wear wigs. And now, an Instagram account has appeared paying homage to this essential truth, offering a space of respite and reprieve from the world. Friends, meet @nicoleswigs.

Think of a Nicole Kidman role, and you shall find a new wig. The less astute viewer may be confused by Kidman’s tendency to play strawberry blondes — surely, they ask, her perm in Lion and luscious fringe in Big Little Lies are simply her real hair, proof of Our Nicole’s commitment to character?

No. They are wigs. Sit in the weight of the moment: this is your new world.

The account is but a baby: it has been active for a month, and has just over 100 followers. I now realise it seems like I run the account, but I promise I found it during a completely normal and not weird deep dive into Nicole Kidman Instagram content. We’ve reached out to find more about @nicolewigs’ origins, but we cannot wait to publish — the world simply must know, and they must know now.

After all, Kidman’s love of wigs has lasted for decades: here she is in Gus Van Sant’s 1995 mockumentary To Die For.

For those who do not understand why this account matters, it is intractably not for you. But if you are wondering whether there’s malice here, we’d passionately argue that appreciating Kidman’s wigs celebrates her unique ability as an actress to present both artifice and truth at the same time.

Watching Kidman, it’s clear she is always ‘acting’, but that’s the crux of her magnetic, often indefinable on-screen power. What says that more than a wig, an item at once believable and unbelievable, fake and real?

There is but one rule: Do not ask Kidman about the wigs. Yesterday at Toronto International Film Festival, journalist Mark Olsen tweeted that Kidman declined a question asking her to rank her wigs in Destroyer, her upcoming crime film with promising early reviews.

Luckily, when Junkee chatted with her last year, this particular Junkee writer didn’t do that interview.