Nic Cage’s Next Film Is Coming To Virtual Reality First, Because Of Course It Is

He's coming out of his Cage, and he is doing just fine.

Nicolas Cage

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Nicolas Cage, prolific actor, cult hero, shouting man and prime meme fodder is back – and this time he’s in virtual reality…

It’s been announced that Nicolas Cage’s upcoming film The Humanity Bureau – which by the way, is the perfect title for a Nic Cage vehicle – will be appearing first as a standalone episodic virtual reality series called “The Humanity Bureau VRevolution.” What this means is that along with the more traditional release of the film, which will be hitting cinemas in April, the VR series will be released a month earlier, and will take the user through alternative storylines that co-exist with the feature film, but which can also be viewed as standalone episodes.

As told to Variety:

“We shot the film in three different formats, including standard theatrical, 3-screen Barco Escape theatrical, and cinematic virtual reality to provide multiple avenues for audiences to engage with and experience the story’s universe,” said producer Kevin DeWalt. “We hope to give viewers more options for alternative content within today’s new media.”

I don’t particularly understand what this will look like, but i’m assuming it’s going to be an overly immersive Cage experience, and I am here for it. This is not Cage’s first foray into VR however, as website The Cagecage has made an immersive experience which replicates what it would be like to be trapped in a cage and forced to watch Nicolas Cage films.

The Humanity Bureau is one of the latest examples of the”cli-fi” genre, a science-fiction action thriller which revolves around global warming wreaking havoc on the world in the near future. Our boy Nicolas Cage plays “an ambitious and impartial caseworker”, who works for a government agency that sends “unproductive members of society” to a colony called “New Eden”, which we just KNOW is nowhere near as pleasant as it sounds. We can be sure that some dystopian truths will be uncovered. Sarah Lind, Jakob Davies and Hugh Dillon have also joined the cast.

The Humanity Bureau hits US cinemas in April, while the VR series launched on March 2.