Nice Guy Chris Pratt Used His ‘Guy Of The Year’ Award To Talk Briefly About Feminism

"I wanna take a moment to advocate for the equality — socially economically and politically — of our beautiful women."

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This week Spike TV, a US cable network somewhat similar to 7Mate, took a break from airing repeats of Cops and shows where people aggressively buy second-hand goods, to bring the world their annual Guys’ Choice Awards. I could go into more detail about what that means and why it even exists, but it’s probably enough to tell you it was staged against a comically large fireplace beneath giant mounted antlers, and LL Cool J won an award called G.O.A.T for being the “Greatest Of All Time”.

This is of course different from the TBE award (“The Best Ever”) which was given to Floyd Mayweather: a man who has been convicted of assault seven times against five different women.

But amidst all this — between the time Selma Hayek won the Decade of Hotness award and and a Sports Illustrated model won the Our New Girlfriend award — there were actually a couple of surprisingly feminist moments. Comedian and long-time #freethenipple campaigner Chelsea Handler, for instance, became the first woman to ever take the prize for Funniest Motherfucker. She then used her speech to give a huge shoutout to all the women out there with “guts and grit and moxy” who aren’t afraid to express themselves and use their voices to affect change.

This was then backed up by the world’s new favourite nice guy (and Spike TV’s Guy of the Year) Chris Pratt. After making headlines this week for telling the world to ogle his ripped new bod for the sake of gender equality, he then closed out his funny and rambling speech with a serious feminist statement. “I wanna take a moment to advocate for the equality — socially, economically and politically — of our beautiful women,” he said. “Some in uniform, some in other uniforms: ladies, holding it down, I love you. My life is run by you, my mother, my wife, my manager, and everyone else.”

In other news about your new boyfriend, it looks like he just recreated his own Jurassic World meme with some kids at a children’s hospital:

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 10.37.20 am

Image via Reddit.