New Zealand Police Have Apologised After Posting One Of The Worst Possible Memes

Time for police memes to end.

new zealand police

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Police memes are genuinely the worst. At their best, they’re awkward attempts to make cops #relatable while neatly sidestepping the need to engage with real problems with the police. At their worst, they’re misguided attempts to tap into popular culture that backfire and highlight those aforementioned problems.

Today we saw a perfect (and by perfect we mean horrible) example of the latter, when the bright spark behind the New Zealand Police Twitter account made a really, really ill-advised tweet. It featured a picture of Michael Scott from The Office saying “this is the worst”, with the caption “when we have to tell someone their family member has died in a crash”.

If you’re not familiar with The Office, all you need to know is that Michael Scott is known for saying “this is the worst” about truly, truly insignificant things. His face in the picture above says it all, really. The tweet blatantly trivialises the hundreds of car crash fatalities that occur each year. Understandably, people were really unhappy about it.

New Zealand Police were quick to recognise the error. The tweet was deleted within an hour of being posted, and they’ve since tweeted an apology acknowledging the offence caused.

Still, though, preferable to an apology would be a police force that didn’t tweet this kind of thing in the first place. As Twitter user @pinkyfang put it, “nobody needs a cool & hip police force, we need a competent & empathetic one”.