‘New Girl’ And ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Are Doing A Crossover Episode, Because The ’90s Are Back

Make your peace with it.

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In the 1990s, big American TV networks loved doing crossover episodes. They loved them! Remember when Helen Hunt caused a city-wide blackout in Mad About You and that meant there was also a blackout on the Friends ep that followed it? Remember when Urkel visited Full House?

By the late ’90s networks got even more shameless, which is why Dawson’s Creek would sometimes dedicate special episodes to whatever big blockbuster Warner Brothers was releasing that summer. Sometimes this was good (Blair Witch episode!) sometimes it was not good (Perfect Storm episode?).

Fox has announced that this October two very good and very ’90s inspired sitcoms, New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, will mesh together in the grand tradition of crossover episodes of old. “The crossover episode has historically been the artistic high point of any show that has dared to attempt it,” New Girl creator Liz Meriwether said, surely sarcastically.

“Maybe you remember Blackout Thursday on NBC, or even further back the infamous Alf/Gilligan’s Island crossover of the late 1980s. New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine will proudly and humbly go where few shows have gone since the 1990s. We know we have big shoes to fill, and we look forward to disappointing everyone.”

“There’s a 50 percent chance Alf will also be in both episodes. But there’s also a 50 percent chance that is a lie.”

I like those odds!