New ‘Never Have I Ever’ Trailer Teases A New Love Interest And Pooja What Is This Behaviour?

I'm ready for Devi to make some more bad decisions.

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Devi fans can cool their damn jets, as the Season 3 trailer for Never Have I Ever has finally dropped ahead of its August 12 release.

It’s been a minute, so allow us to refresh your memory: after Devi’s ill-advised decision-making of Season 2 where she attempted to date Paxton (Darren Barnet) and Ben (Jaren Lewison) at the same time, she finally ended up with Paxton — who agreed to making their high school romance ‘official’.

According to the new trailer, Devi’s social status has risen several grades, and she’s now hated by the nerds that she used to be. “Now, my face is so relaxed!” she says in the trailer. “Oh my god, that’s why popular people age better.”

The trailer also sees the return of lots of familiar faces — Fabiola (Lee Rodriguez), Eleanor (Ramona Young), Devi’s mum Nalini (Poorna Jagnnathan), Kamala (Richa Moorjani), and Mr K (Utkarsh Ambudkar).

The show will also introduce a few new characters: Parker, played by Deacon Phillippe and Addison played by Terry Hu. Oh, and a hot Indian man. Mindy Kaling, you have our attention!

Watch the trailer for Season 3 of Never Have I Ever below.