The New Netflix Series ‘Murderville’ Puts A Wild Spin On The True Crime Genre

This looks like pure chaos.

Murderville trailer

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We live in an era of total true crime saturation.

It’s a boom that has slowly been growing over the last few years. Shows like Making A Murderer, podcasts like My Favourite Murder, and even the overwhelmingly popular Tiger King have proven that there’s a vast market for death, deceit and very bad people.

That’s not entirely new, of course — our pop culture artefacts have always been concerned with the spilling of blood, in one way or the other, ever since the days of Ancient Roman gladiatorial battles. But there is certainly a formula to the new wave of grisly content, a kind of staple way of approaching mystery that has started to run the risk of going slightly stale. After all, a formula can only perpetuate itself for so long, until it needs to be unravelled from the inside.

Well, that unravelling is now upon us, with the forthcoming release of Netflix’s Murderville. On the face of it, the premise seems simple: each week, there’s a new murder to be uncovered, and a detective (Will Arnett, he of Bojack Horseman and Arrested Development fame) named Terry Seattle, who must get to the bottom of some truly unpleasant dealings.

But here’s the twist — each episode, there’s also a guest star, who plays Seattle’s partner. And while the show is scripted, the guest star never receives that script, and must instead muddle and improvise their way through the show while learning new information at precisely the same time as the viewer.

That’s pure chaos, a way of injecting a level of unpredictability into a formula that was threatening to become dependable. And it also promises a great, refreshing time, a way of showing the improvising chops of some of the most exciting comedians in the world — including Kumail Nanjiani, Ken Jeong, and Conan O’Brien.

Basically, Murderville can’t come soon enough. The show premieres in just a few weeks, on February 3. Get excited. Watch the trailer here: