Netflix Has A New Cooking Show For People Who Suck At Cooking

We feel seen.

nailed it

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You know those really pretty cakes you see on Instagram and Pinterest?

The ones you look at and think you could also totally make, on account of the fact that they’re mostly just a cylinder of cake with a few decorations? The ones that have you crying in your kitchen several hours later as your house burns down around you and you’re faced with the prospect of dying accompanied only by the subpar mound of gloop you’ve absolutely mangled through your own hubris and incompetence?

Well, fear not, rubbish chefs, because Netflix has a new show for you. It’s called Nailed It, and it’s a cooking show about people who emphatically do not nail it.

The premise is very simple: get a bunch of amateur bakers together, give them a beautiful Pinterest dessert to replicate, and then set a timer and watch them fuck it up. The results, if the trailer’s anything to go by, are truly horrific.

The show’s hosted by comedian Nicole Byer and master pastry chef and chocolatier Jacques Torres, and it’ll feature a rotating cast of cooking legends as guest stars and judges. The trailer will make you feel truly seen. Watch it below, and catch the full six episodes of Nailed It on Netflix from March 9.