‘Neighbours’ Just Had Its First Same-Sex Wedding And Magda Szubanski Officiated

Fans were over the moon.

More than 30 years after Scott and Charlene walked down the aisle, iconic soap opera Neighbours has made history with its very first same-sex wedding.

Monday night’s episode was the first in a two-parter about the nuptials of David and Aaron, played by Matty Wilson and Takaya Honda. The ep also featured a major guest star in actress and Yes campaigner Magda Szubanski, who played the couple’s extravagant celebrant Jemima.

“They contacted my agent because of all the stuff I did for marriage equality last year,” Szubanski told News Corp. “I said absolutely.”

The actress said the wedding was “very, very exciting”.

“When me and my gay mates were watching Charlene and Scott get married in 1987, we would never have dreamt there would be a gay wedding on Neighbours.

Her sentiment was echoed by the fans, who took to social media to express their joy.