All The Best Memes About The My Chemical Romance Reunion

It's a great day for memes about black fringes.

My Chemical Romance memes

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My Chemical Romance are back!

Yep, after years of silence, the original American pop emos have announced that they’ll be playing a few (extremely) select shows. Will this lead to more music? Perhaps a bigger, longer tour?

Nobody has any clue. In fact, all the internet does know for sure at this stage are two things: 1) that everyone is very, very excited, and 2) that pretty much everybody has missed out on tickets.

The latter point is to be expected, really. You’ve gotta be ridiculously fast on the trigger to get tickets to shows that popular and limited, and there were always going to be a lot of people missing out.

At least those who didn’t get their foot in the door are taking it in their stride, celebrating with some delightfully bitter memes.

But hey, the memes aren’t only despairing. There are still a lot of folks on the internet who cannot believe that the long-fabled, fairly unlikely seeming My Chemical Romance reunion happened at all. They’re not letting anything get them down — they’re just basking in the pure glow of emo nostalgia. And to be honest, it’s beautiful to see.

Because the name of this particular day is nostalgia, a lot of My Chemical Romance fans are taking the opportunity to share snaps of themselves in high school, back at the height of their emo obsession. The result, a deluge of photographs proving that, no matter how much older and more serious you might get, everyone has time to reflect fondly on the period in their life when they loaded up with eyeliner and listened to songs about the Black Parade.

Of course, depending on how this whole reunion actually turns out, the band might be around for a lot longer — there’s no reason to expect that this is a one in done kind of thing.

So strap in folks: we could be on the verge of a new wave of the emo revival.